Like most of our guests, you would probably like to see the cantina where our wine is made and stored. We will explain the different techniques used for different wines & what we do differently to be ´organic´. Afterwards, we will make real the theory with a wine tasting under the pergola!

Beforehand, you could stroll through the vineyard enjoying the peace & shade between the vines. Moving up into our woods, you may startle a small deer or, if you are very lucky, see a European Jackal. From the meadows high on the hill you can sit and read or simply watch the country life on the plain below as the Great Buzzards wheel & call in the hill´s warm updraft.

In the evening, we recommend a walk to the top of the hill as night falls. The lights of the plain twinkle below & the stars shine in the encompassing purple fold of sky. The first bats dart to & fro & the owls begin their nocturnal work.

In front of La Faula is the Malina River, full of trout, where children can paddle & pass hours at a time exploring the nature of the river & its bank. Within 10 minutes drive, you can find crystal clear rivers with big diving pools & shallows where children happily play as their parents doze in the sun. The clean, warm waters of the Adriatic Sea are within 50 minuts drive.

You may just prefer to lounge around the swimming pool at La Faula. 10 metres x 5 metres with a wooden decking surround, its chrystalline water sparkling blue under the sun, it might really be a place where time slows down!

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