La Faula is 15 km from the medieval city of Udine. Udine developed a rich artistic and architectural heritage under the Venetian Republic and later the Austro-Hungarian Empire and its museum and churches contain fine frescos by Tiepolo, father and son. Friuli Venezia Giulia was brought into the Roman Empire by Julius Caesar and served as gateway to the East and later the Eastern Roman Empire. Aquileia was the largest Roman port after Ostia at Rome itself and it is possible to walk along the old wharves and run one's fingers through the ruts worn in the stone bollards by ships which last moored there 2000 years ago. In the summer Friuli is perhaps best known for its many beaches on the warm Adriatic Sea. For those who prefer river-swimming, there are a large number of deep, limpid and clean rivers near La Faula.

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