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La Faula Kitchen

Our concept for La Faula is that guests should not only enjoy the beauty of the environment and find a warm and welcoming place to relax but that they should eat well too. We expect that guests will want to try local trattorie and restaurants. For our part, we grow our own beef cattle, lamb, rabbits and chickens. Our beef and lamb is pasture-raised. We have fresh eggs every moring from our farm-yard chickens. In the summer we have a generous vegetable garden which provides us with fresh produce and rich herbs picked at the minute.

During the year we make different types of marmalades, jams and conserves. We make fresh pesto and various tomato sauces from our own tomatoes. Luca makes a fine wine vinegar.

La Faula has fruit trees and eating grapes and when the fruit is ready we encourage guests to pick and eat fresh grapes, figs, peaches, plums, pears and apples.

Most mornings we get whole cows-milk fresh from our neighbour´s stall. This we pasteurize and blast chill and it is served for breakfast and made into yogurt and ice-cream. Our cheese is hand-made and comes from the village dairy.

Our cooking style is obviously italian. It is a kitchen with a ´light-touch´ to preserve the flavours and character of the ingredients. We also believe that if guests particularly like something they should - on holiday - be able to have some more!