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La Faula is principally an organic vineyard and winery. For six months in the summer, we also have a Farm-Stay. In the farmstay we serve our wines and, in addition to breakfast, we offer dinners in the evening to those who wish to take it. For our dinners, we produce our own beef, chickens, eggs and vegetables. The grape-growing and winemaking and the farmstay with its dinners are complimentary. It is extremely satisfying to grow what you serve on the premises. It is also economically and environmentally positive.

La Faula cooking is home-cooking. It is done, on the day, for those who will be dining in the evening so everything is cooked fresh, often, in the case of vegetables, direct from the garden. We started with Luca’s family recipes and we have moved-on from there. We keep our recipes online. It is convenient for us and it allows guests to see what we serve. We also have a Weekly Menù that shows what we are serving weekly and a Menù Planner that shows what we cook seasonally.

By clicking on the headings to the right you can access our Database of Recipes. Some are well established having been tried and trusted for years. Others, are ideas awaiting development or modification. You should note that if you are thinking of trying them at home, the main adjustment you will need to make is to the oven temperatures. The La Faula kitchen oven is non-ventilated and is extremely slow so I have adjusted the cooking temperatures up by about 20°C. At home with a good ventilated oven you can probably reduce the given temperatures by the same amount.

If you are coming to stay at La Faula, you can signal, in advance, particular dishes that you would like to try while here. To do this you need to open each recipe that you are interested in and click on the “Request Recipe during your stay” star. This works best if you are already logged-in to the website (i.e. you have entered your message area).

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