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Luca had made wine at La Faula with his father, Franco, in the 1970´s & early ´80´s. When Luca & Paul took over the wine-making in 1995, the machinery, equipment & techniques were still those of 60 years previously. With the help of consulting wine-maker Emilio Del Medico, the best of the old was retained & improvements were made enhancing & modernising the strengths of traditional Friulano wine-making.

Looking for inspiration in the traditional ways of wine-making inevitably led us to producing organic grapes & making wines with the least possible chemical & mechanical intervention. Wines are made in the vineyard. But from the point of the harvest, through the crushing & de-stalking, the fermenting, the battonage of
the lees, the racking & the aging there are myriad points where the essence of the mature grape, that which must be captured & bottled, may escape.

Making wine is always challenging & always haunted by the struggle to do better. You hope that an especially good wine is due to your merit but you fear that it may have been just good luck. When things go wrong in the canteen you wonder what you could have done differently. Good wine is the product of struggle; of waiting tremulously for a thunderstorm to pass without hailing, of waiting anxiously for that searched-for point of ripeness, of the anxiety to see the fermentation proceed cleanly & harmoniously & the patience to let the smells & flavours emerge in the wine in the correct time. But mostly, it´s good fun. And when it´s good, it´s very good!
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