Volunteering at La Faula

La Faula searches for volunteers who hold EU passports for any time during the period 1 May - 15 September.

The minimum period for a volunteer is 6 weeks but priority is given to those who are available to stay longer.

Everything is free during a volunteer's stay at La Faula: lodging, food and expenses. On Sunday night Luca and Paul take the volunteers out for a pizza.

La Faula pays a weekly 'stipend' which is more the longer a volunteer stays. Of this weekly stipend, 90% is guaranteed and 10% each week is for good performance (i.e. following instructions, applying the systems and offering great guest service). So for a stay of:

  • 6 weeks, per week €54 is guaranteed plus €6 is awarded for good performance
  • 7 weeks, per week €63 is guaranteed plus €7 is awarded for good performance
  • 8 weeks, per week €72 is guaranteed plus €8 is awarded for good performance
  • 9 weeks, per week €81 is guaranteed plus €9 is awarded for good performance
  • 10+ weeks, per week €90 is guaranteed plus €10 is awarded for good performance

Volunteers also receive tips from guests. This is something spontaneous and reflects the guests’ desire to show appreciation for good service.

La Faula is an Agriturismo offering its guests accommodation with breakfast and dinners. It does not have a restaurant open to the general public. Dinner is a set menu served at 7.30 p.m. Volunteers manage the breakfast; under supervision they prepare one dessert or one first or one second course; they prepare tables, serve, dry and put away dishes.

Work is divided into two sections: morning and evening with a break for the afternoon. The morning section means working on the breakfast or dessert preparation. The evening section could mean preparing one first or one second course, dinner service and drying and putting away dishes. The total is around 8 hours but it can be much less when there are less guests and a bit more when the house is full. Volunteers do not work on Sunday afternoon or evening.

We are only able to take two volunteers at a time. As the volunteers must share a room, we take at the same time either two young men or two young women.

It is really important that nobody writes seeking a volunteer's position unless they are 100% sure that they will come.

Note: La Faula is a place that values diversity and difference in people and stands firmly against discrimination. We look to create a respectful environment where people can find and enjoy their commonality and learn and grow through understanding their differences.

Proceeding Further

If you are interested in volunteering CLICK HERE to give us some information and see if it is likely to be what you are interested in.

We ask volunteers to bear in mind certain principles and follow some simple rules to make everyone´s stay at La Faula pleasant and rewarding (CLICK HERE to see).

Any European Community national aged 16 years or older who volunteers at La Faula must be properly employed by the Agriturismo. This is not particularly complicated, however, in the case of teenagers aged 16 or 17 years they must send, at least 2 weeks prior to their arrival:

  • a certificate/letter from the school / technical institute / professional college last attended that describes how many years schooling the student has had & the schools attended. (DOWNLOAD THE CERTIFICATE)
  • a certificate from at least one parent stating that the number of years compulsary schooling have been met (DOWNLOAD THE CERTIFICATE)
  • a certificate from one or both parents (it doesn´t matter which - one or both parents are equally valid) authorising the volunteer to request an Italian tax code from the Inland Revenue (this is necessary to legally employ the volunteer) (DOWNLOAD THE CERTIFICATE)
  • a photocopy of their own identity card or passport plus tax number (if they have one) as well as a photocopy of the identity card or passport of the parent signing the certificate authorising the volunteering
  • a photocopy of any vaccination booklet or certificate (if you have a vaccination booklet you should bring this with you as it is required for the medical exam)

Note that the two declarations by the parents of the volunteer must have attached a photocopy of the parents´ identity card or relevant passport page. Without this the declarations are not valid.