(1) Hygene = Trust
Guests trust us to apply high standards of hygene to the food they eat - we must not let them down.
(2) Service = Respect
Guests seek from us respect of their needs, treating them attentively & with human friendliness.
(3) Efficiency = Thoughtfulness
Guests are reassured that they have chosen well to stay at La Faula when they see efficiency & thoughtfulness.
(1) Shower & clean teeth in the previous evening or the morning before preparing breakfast.
(2) Wash hands upon entering the kitchen & frequently thereafter - nails always scrubbed & clean.
(3) Wear gloves when touching food that will be consumed without being further cooked (e.g. salads).
(1) Greet guests when you first see them during the day.
(2) Try to anticipate guest´s needs (you know what they need before they do).
(3) Move to meet guest´s obvious needs (they know what they need & you know how to give it).
(1) Plan what you are going to do.
(2) Don´t duplicate work / trips - maximise the impact of every action.
(3) Think about what you are doing & how to do it better with less effort.
  • If you start something badly it´ll finish badly - if you start something well it might finish badly but at least there is a chance it will finish well!
  • Take the room keys outside the house & for sure they´ll get lost.
  • If some piece of machinery isn´t working properly don´t insist, you´ll only break it. Stop & try to understand what is wrong.